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1965 – The Presidium of the District National Council in Łuków established Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Terenowego “Stoczek” under construction in Stoczek Łukowski. The choice of plant localisation was very good, both in terms of ecology, which had and still has an impact on the product quality, and in terms of economy – it translated into the development of the region and guarantee of work for Stoczek’s residents.
1969 – The entity was transformed into an operational enterprise under the name Wytwórnia Konserw i Mrożonek Państwowego Przemysłu Terenowego “Stoczek” in Stoczek Łukowski. The production plant was launched in May 1969.
1972 – there were as many as 237 people working in the plant.
1976 – In connection with the order of the Ministry of Food Industry and Purchase, five enterprises from Lublin, Bielsk Podlaski, Chełm, Siedlce and Zamość voivodships were combined into one state-owned enterprise under the name “Lubelskie Zakłady Przemysłu Owocowo-Warzywnego” with its registered office in Lublin. In this way, Wytwórnia Konserw i Mrożonek Państwowego Przemysłu Terenowego “Stoczek” became a part of the conglomerate.
1980 – As a result of further centralisation, the Plant in Stoczek became one of nine plants and processing plants constituting Kombinat Przemysłowo-Rolny “Fructopol” in Lublin.
1990 – The Plant was selected for privatisation and put up for sale. In 1993 the company was acquired by the private entrepreneur and renamed Zakład Przetwórstwa Owocowo-Warzywnego.
16 December 1998 – A limited liability company was established under the name Stoczek Sp. z o.o. In the years 2000-2002 a comprehensive modernisation of the plant was carried out. It was completely rebuilt, modern machines and devices were bought. In this way, a modern production plant was created, meeting the national and European requirements in terms of sanitary and veterinary standards. HACCP system was implemented, which guaranteed health safety of food during its production and distribution.
2007 – in April Stoczek became a part of the capital group built around Makarony Polskie SA listed on the stock exchange. It gave us huge opportunities of development, expansion of distribution channels and extension of activity.


Stoczek Natura

Produced on the basis of local products, using the best ingredients. That is why they are not only delicious but also nutritious.

So Food

Fast and healthy ready-made dishes. Nutritious meals to be heat up in 3 minutes. Intended for everyone who does not have time for cooking but would like to eat something tasty at work or while travelling.

Męska rzecz

These are men’s favourite dishes being an alternative for the ones prepared on your own at home. Well-seasoned and very nutritious meals. Perfect for men’s taste.


Healthy vegetable and fruit products – jams, salads and preserves. Made from Polish products, based on traditional recipes. Each time it is a portion of health and favourite flavours.


We are one of the top manufacturers of ready-made dishes in Poland. Our production plant is located in Stoczek Łukowski, away from industrial centres and city pollution, which guarantees ecological production.
The investments that we have made in the recent years cover e.g. a comprehensive modernisation of the plant, which allowed to implement high quality and sanitary-veterinary standards.
We carry our production in accordance with the international standards of quality and product safety systems – we have IFS and BRC certificates. We produce in accordance with HACCP quality system and under strict supervision of the District Veterinary Officer. We have also obtained export permissions for the EU markets.
We are a credible and reliable trading partner.


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dishes in jars
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dishes on trays
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The highest quality of our products is confirmed by certificates and awards held by Stoczek Natura.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

IFS Food

Konsumencki lider Jakości
Debiut roku

Dobry Produkt